Rev. Leroy Franklin (Ret.)

God has strategically planted us in the heart of a growing city. Our task is to proclaim the whole gospel for the whole person in the whole city. Every ministry of this church comes to focus on the ultimate objectives of winning souls to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and leading them to a maturing Christian experience in this fellowship. The great reserve of human resources in our church lies not in buildings and property, not in a select group of talented and capable leaders, and certainly not in the generosity of a few persons of wealth.


Ours is a church of people, plain and ordinary, who give their time, talents, energies, and tithes to this church out of
a conviction that we are doing what a New Testament Church ought to do in the kind of loving fellowship that a New
Testament Church ought to be.

If you are new to our city or a guest looking for a church family, I say to you, “LOOK NO FURTHER.” We always have one
empty seat. Hope to see you soon. And always remember Calvary.