Senior Adults

The Senior Adult Ministry of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church offers many activities for Senior Adults of all ages.

Golden Ager’s Mission Statement

it is our goal as we journey through life, to help ourselves and other seniors in the quest to fulfill life by giving of time and resources for the happiness and welfare of people in their golden years. We will do this by surveying the needs of senior adult members of this church and provide activities to satisfy these needs in a christian atmosphere.


The Golden Ager’s organization is dedicated to providing a helping hand to seniors in our community. We sit with sick and visit medical facilities to offer compassionate and loving thoughts to those in need. We give flowers to cheer our seniors on,reminding everyone that they are loved and blessed. We honor our seniors by showing respect and coming together in prayer to talk with God about any and all concerns they may have. We pray for the sick and ask God’s will be done. We pray for our society and children that God would bless all and jog our memories that we are not prefect either.

We are working together to provide arts and crafts as a means of entertainment, relaxation and stimulation to our minds. We recognize the youth of today do not always have the clothing,shoes, and school materials needed. Therefore, we work together to ask many agencies to provide these materials so that the children in our community will not go without.

Occasionally the Golden Agers will take an excursion where they can get there and back the same day.

Once a year the Golden Agers sponsor a church wide salad hour. Fabulous salads are prepared for our enjoyment as well as creative entertainment.

We Are The…… Golden Ager’s

God offers
Opportunities in
Life and
Delivers us from
Never failing
Gives us
Rest and

Click here for pictures from the Golden Agers Salad Hour.