Women’s Ministries

The Women of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church are all about meeting the needs of women so that the light of Jesus Christ is evident in their daily lives. There are many opportunities at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church for women to grow in their relationships with each other and their relationship with God.

  • At Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, we want women to feel connected and a part of the fellowship of believers. There are many opportunities to get to know each other at monthly meetings, as well as other ministries.
  • We would like to see every believer walking and growing in their relationship with Christ. This is done through many Bible study opportunities offered throughout the week. The women of Mt. Calvary believe in the power of prayer and practice it through praying for one another.
  • Our members are taught that every believer is a minister. God expects more from us than just sitting on the pew. There are many opportunities for women to become involved in ministry. Members are encouraged to find their spiritual gifts and use them to minister to others. A Spiritual Gifts class is available to help you discover your spiritual gifts.
  • We are not all called to be evangelists but we are called to be witnesses for Christ. At each women’s event, those who don’t know Christ, or those who are unchurched and need fellowship with believers are invited to join the fellowship at Mt. Calvary.
  • Worship is not only on Sunday morning but it becomes a lifestyle. At every women’s event, we want to lift Jesus up and magnify Him through our prayers and our praises.

Upcoming Women’s Ministry Events Will Be Posted Later.