Go Fish Evangelism

We strive to go out into the community each month and tell others of the goodness of Jesus Christ! It is a blessing to be able to share what He has done and all that. He is going to do for those who believe and accept Him as their personal savior. It is our job, our commission, our command, and our reasonable services to tell of His goodness.

We promote “Family and Friends Day” to encourage members to invite others to come and worship with us and hear the Word for themselves.

We collect new and nearly new bibles to pass out to those we come in contact with who do not have a bible of their own.

The Go Fish committee members hosts a reception after Sunday services to meet and greet out Guests who come to worship with us.

We correspond with prison inmates, and send bibles to those who are in need of one.

We welcome everyone who is concerned about the kingdom of God to come and fish with us.

We welcome suggestions and ideas for sharing the “Good News”.